Pastificio Felicetti

Spring water and organic wheat come together to create pasta of superior quality

Pastificio Felicetti pasta-making company was established in 1908 in Predazzo, right in the heart of the Dolomites. Over the course of four generations the business has gone from a small workshop to a company that is known worldwide: today it’s the market leader in the production of superior quality organic pasta – with its own laboratory in which it conducts its own controls and four international certifications.

All of the pasta created here passes through bronze dies and is then expertly dried to ensure incredible flavour and structure regardless of the manner in which it’s cooked.

Seven thousand square metres and four production lines work continuously to make eighty tonnes of pasta per day, in more than a hundred different shapes.

The rigorous nature of its control procedures and quality standards has enabled the company to be awarded the most advanced certifications. Its Research Lab checks the organoleptic abundance and purity of the raw ingredients, and then the semolina is sifted and sent to the production lines from the storage silos. At this point spring water is added to create a dough that is then extruded and moulded into the different pasta shapes and varieties, which then undergo the drying process.

The semolina is sourced from select durum wheat varieties that are grown in the Murge area, and from spelt that comes from the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

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