Chocolat Stella

Organic fair-trade chocolate that embodies artisan expertise

Chocolat Stella is a family-run business that was founded in Switzerland in 1928. Representing the pinnacle of the chocolate-making art, it is a pioneer of organic, fair-trade production.

Utterly faithful to the tradition of Swiss chocolate production, Chocolat Stella features two production facilities and can boast great flexibility when it comes to the range of recipes and sizes it can offer. When selecting the raw ingredients, it is meticulous, and the production process is constantly monitored. Special attention is paid when roasting the cocoa beans, refining the mixture and conching the chocolate. These procedures must be adapted to the specific requirements of each recipe.

Chocolat Stella works exclusively with cocoa produced by our farming partners at Cooperativa Sin Fronteras, from Costa Rica and Peru in particular, and is committed to the continuous improvement of their production processes. This is how our line of Alce Nero Fairtrade chocolate bars came to be created from a selection of only the best cocoa beans. It offers a particularly fragrant bouquet and a sweet flavour, which features a nice balance between acidic and bitter notes.

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