Organic black and green tea: a masterful art, from cultivation to consumption

With experience in the herbal tea and infusions sector that spans centuries, Pompadour is a company whose name is a guarantee of fine products.

It was created in Bolzano in 1964 as the Italian branch of the Teekanne group, the world leader in tea bags. Pompadour has produced organic, fair-trade products for more than 15 years. From cultivation to consumption, each step of the cycle is carried out with care and passion, thereby ensuring excellent quality. The selection of the best harvests in India is overseen directly by the company’s experts. The final phases include the development and fine-tuning of blends, followed by packaging in double-chamber filter tea-bags using specially designed machines built by another group company. This results in a considerable reduction in packaging.

The tea is obtained through an elaborate process, which begins with plucking the tender, green leaves from the plantation and continues with their withering, rolling, fermentation and drying.

The three tea types come from the same plant — the Camelia Sinensis — but their processing methods differ.

Find out more about Pompadour: www.pompadour.it

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