Libera Terra Mediterraneo

Free organic food from freed land

Libera Terra is a brand of organic products which grow on land that has been liberated from the Mafia and given to social cooperatives involved within the project. Their main goal is to encourage the creation of a fair, free and legal economic system which fully respects the dignity of workers and is environmentally friendly, thereby pouring value back into land once under the control of the Mafia and making the fruits of their labour accessible to as many citizens as possible.

The newest cooperatives, Pio La Torre Libera Terra of San Giuseppe Jato (PA) and Terre di Puglia Libera Terra of Mesagne (BR), along with Placido Rizzotto Libera Terra are grouped within the Libera Terra Mediterraneo consortium, which is in turn affiliated with Alce Nero.

Wine, pasta, legumes, oil, honey and preserves are just some of the products from the cooperatives in Sicily, Apulia and Calabria.

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