La Cesenate

Organic tomatoes and fruit become sauces, pulps, juices and nectars

La Cesenate Conserve Alimentari, established in 1949, is a leader in organic fruit and tomato production. The produce is grown on land that is particularly suitable to its cultivation: over six hundred hectares are dedicated to growing tomatoes, peaches, pears and apricots in the Emilia Romagna and Tuscany regions. In slightly more than half a century, La Cesenate has grown from a family production company to a consolidated enterprise. The focus on the product starts from its cultivation in the most fertile lands in Italy, and continues throughout every single working phase in order to guarantee the highest qualitative standards.

The company’s agronomists select the varieties to grow and provide technical assistance to the farmers throughout the entire agronomic cycle. The crops are checked regularly — particularly at harvest time — in order to guarantee that the fruit is at the right stage of ripeness. The tomatoes and fruit are processed within eight hours of their harvest.

The production processes respect the natural qualities of the raw ingredients, using advanced technologies that are based on the correct implementation of working temperatures: the high level of automation means the produce can be processed in short amounts of time, which in turn maintains the freshness of the tomatoes and fruit. In addition to analytical tests, the raw ingredients are selected during the procurement stage and again in the production process via optical sorting machines. Full product traceability is guaranteed at each step, whether in production or in processing.

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