Cooperativa Sin Fronteras

Working together towards organic and fair-trade agriculture

Cooperativa Sin Fronteras is a non-profit organisation which promotes the development, growth and integration of small and medium-sized agricultural producers in South America. Cooperativa Sin Fronteras is based on participatory democracy in adherence with the principles set forth by Fairtrade International to guarantee quality and sustainable development as well as to protect and promote the territory and the products that come from it.

The first fair-trade relationships came about in the early ’80s, and today numerous agricultural companies are involved within Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Peru, Argentina and Brazil, as well as India.

The relationships with these production cooperatives have always been distinguished by compliance with Fairtrade regulations, amongst other things. Mesoamerican cooperatives actively take part in the group’s development policies, which act as a business tool and technical/production support for the purpose of constantly improving product quality.

The main goal of Cooperativa Sin Fronteras is to develop local markets. Today it includes more than twelve thousand families of producers.

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