Alce Nero Staff

The faces of Alce Nero

You have learnt about our story, our farmers and our values. Now you can get to know the people who work to get our products out of the ground and into your table every day.

These are the people who conduct quality control on our products, who market them and those who improve them so that they get to you as we believe they should: delicious and filled to the brim with nourishment.

  • Massimo Monti Managing Director
  • Stefano Menegatti Management
  • Stefania Albertin Management
  • Fina Cammisa Management
  • Claudio Fadda Management
  • Claudia Venturi Management
  • Erika Marrone Quality insurance
  • Mariangela Urso Quality insurance
  • Marco Molinari Sales
  • Barbara Bellettini Sales
  • Alessandro Annoni Sales
  • Raffaele Sabatini Sales
  • Naoko Ito Sales
  • Marina Titton Sales
  • Gianluca Puttini Marketing
  • Alessandra Merola Marketing
  • Gianluca Locatelli Marketing
  • Francesco Mignani Marketing
  • Marijana Milosevic Marketing
  • Silvia Forte Marketing
  • Davide Maestri Marketing
  • Chiara Marzaduri Communication
  • Giuliana Ragusa Communication
  • Valentina Preti Communication
  • Simona Calabretti Human resources
  • Francesca Affini Human resources
  • Anna Capobianco Human resources
  • Raffaele Santi Logistics
  • Catia Pieralli Logistics
  • Noemi Crocenzi Logistics
  • Giulia Ramponi Logistics
  • Michela Tassinari Logistics
  • Warehouse's boys Warehouse
  • Raffaella Minghetti Management
  • Gabriele Letizia Management
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