Tierra Virgen

From coca leaf growers to farmers: a short film telling the story of redemption

Peru is the leading exporter of coca leaves worldwide.

The revolution began in 2004 when a part of the land traditionally used to grow coca was converted to alternative, organic crops by cooperatives comprised of small agricultural producers growing sugarcane, coffee and cocoa. Today there are thirty-five thousand hectares and six thousand farmers producing organic and fair trade products.

Thanks to this collective effort to move towards healthy, clean agriculture, we are helping to decrease the illegal production of coca leaves every day, leading to a boost in sustainable development within the communities. And a better life.

Conscious as we are of this, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming promoters for the distribution of these foodstuffs, as they are the fruit of social agriculture that generates wealth for everyone: for the earth, for society, for consumers and for generations to come.

The short film entitled Tierra Virgen grew out of the need to tell the story of this revolution, and investigates the life of a family of farmers who have just embarked on this much-needed path of legality. Tierra Virgen therefore tells the story of the change that is possible within the story of a nation and its farmers.

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