Libera Terra

Fair products grow from land seized from the Mafia

Libera Terra is a shareholder within our company. We have also been distributing its products for several years because we believe in this project that is so valuable for society, and for the land that has been – and will be – freed.

Thanks to Law 109/1996 implemented by the Italian government, after years of negligence the land that used to belong to Mafia groups was seized and entrusted to cooperatives run by young people involved in the Libera Terra project.

This land has allowed for a new business model to be launched, which is open to society, inspired by legality and respect for people and the environment, and which in turn creates new products and new employment opportunities. The Libera Terra project demonstrates that what the Mafia took by force from the community can be returned to society, and – in doing so – can become a chance for transparent and clean development.

Libera Terra has chosen to cultivate in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture and to produce in an artisanal way, so as to guarantee goodness, tradition and quality.

Libera Terra is the brand that distinguishes products made by the people who manage the land seized from the Mafia. Wines, pasta, couscous, legumes, extra-virgin olive oil, honey and preserves, limoncello and red garlic are just a few of these products. The wine making of its social cooperatives is also becoming increasingly important: Centopassi is the brand of wine that is made in Sicily, while Libera Terra Puglia represents the best selection of organic wines from the Salento area of Apulia.


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