With Legambiente

The Green Train, the New Agriculture Manifesto and the Conversion Project

The New Agriculture Manifesto is what currently connects us to Legambiente, the Italian Environmental Association that has been working since 1980 to further the principles of conscious and careful environmentalism.

This connection grew out of our desire to speak about a new way of farming – organic to be precise – and about environmental and social principles that are capable of meeting the challenges of the future head on.

The large-scale Conversion Project is one such endeavour. This is a joint initiative between Alce Nero and Legambiente, launched thanks to Legambiente’s Green Train campaign, which aims to convert at least 20% of Italian land to organic farming in the next six years. Today the extent of organic farming sits at 9%.

Link: http://www.legambiente.it/

“Organic farming has a great future ahead of it – the only future that will allow humans to have a fulfilled life in a thriving and fertile environment. Besides being a solution that respects our planet, it also brings a new economic model with it. A fair, just and enlightened model. Within it each and every element, whether it be plant, animal or human, is an integral and essential part of an intelligent balance.”

Lucio Cavazzoni, Alce Nero President since 2007.

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