Building the right relationship together

We have been producing organic, fairtrade sugar, coffee, tea, chocolate and rice for years, and it is all thanks to our farming partners in South America. These are products that weave a tale filled with flavours and lands, shaped by careful hands and delicate processing techniques.

There are over fourteen thousand families of producers. These are women and men that are inextricably linked by their shared goal of creating quality which, quite by itself, tells of their hard work and the great pleasure they take in it, of their faith and growth – both personal and professional – and of products that are delicious, clean and fair.

It is thanks to Fairtrade, the global brand of ethical certification, that we have always been able to guarantee the authenticity of our product while respecting the land and the people who cultivate it.

Link: http://www.fairtradeitalia.it/

SPP – Símbolo de Pequeños Productores, is the distinctive symbol that identifies the small producer organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, and allows the user to recognize their products on the market.

It represents the products of small producers and their fair-trade, trying to preserve the work and ensure sustainable economic and social life of their communities.

Link: http://spp.coop/

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