Organic spelt penne rigate

500 g

Alce Nero organic spelt penne rigate is made exclusively using the Triticum Dicoccum wheat variety of spelt grown in Italy. spelt, one of the oldest types of grain to be cultivated by man, is distinguished by its long stem, which allows the plant to draw on the richest layers of the soil. Alce Nero organic spelt pasta is extruded through bronze dies, which gives it a special rough quality, allowing it to hold and soak up all kinds of sauces, thereby guaranteeing quality and flavour in every recipe.

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500 g

Legal name

Organic spelt penne rigate - 500g


Emmer wheat flour*. *Organic


Grains containing gluten

Methods of conservation

Store in a dry cool place, away from light.

Place of production

Produced in the plant of: Via Felicetti 9 Predazzo (TN) - Italia

It is our commitment to keep updated all the legal information, but it is possibile to find some differences with the sold products.

Average nutrition declaration per 100 grams

  • energy: 1469kJ/347kcal
  • fat: 1,8g of which saturates: 0,2g
  • carbohydrate: 68g of which sugars: 2,2g
  • fibre: 3,9g
  • protein: 12g
  • salt: 0g


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