Organic minestrone

500 g

Alce Nero organic minestrone contains no added fats and is made using Italian legumes and vegetables. The recipe blends the flavours of seven kinds of vegetables, giving this dish a pleasant taste and making it easy to make – it’s ready in just 3 minutes. Alce Nero minestrone is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to give up quality ingredients and a delicious taste, yet who doesn’t have a lot of time for cooking. For best results, we recommend adding the contents to a pot, heating them for 3 minutes and then adding some extra-virgin olive oil and serving.

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500 g

Legal name

Organic minestrone - 500g


Water, vegetables* (37.4%) (potatoes* (12.1%), carrots* (9.3%), courgettes* (6.2%), tomato pulp* (3.2%), celery* (2.9%), spinach* (1.9%), onion* (1.8%), Cannellini beans* (8.4%), fine peas* (4.3%), salt. *Organic


Contains celery

Methods of conservation

Keep refrigerated in airtight container, once the packaging is opened, and consume in no more than 3 days.

Place of production

Produced in the plant of: via Cervese, 364 Cesena - Italia

It is our commitment to keep updated all the legal information, but it is possibile to find some differences with the sold products.

Average nutrition declaration per 100 grams

  • energy: 128kJ/30kcal
  • fat: 0,2g of which saturates: 0,1g
  • carbohydrate: 3,9g of which sugars: 0,8g
  • fibre: 2,5g
  • protein: 2,0g
  • salt: 0,8g


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