Organic Italian chestnut honey

300 g

Alce Nero organic chestnut honey features a runny consistency, a reddish colour and a sharp aroma. Harvesting mainly takes place within the regions of Tuscany, Piedmont, Liguria, Basilicata and Emilia-Romagna between June and July. After the honey is extracted by mechanical centrifugation, it is left to decant, then filtered and packaged without ever undergoing heat treatments for its preservation. Chestnut honey is perfect for people that adore intense flavours. Pair it with meat or mature cheeses.

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300 g

Legal name

Organic Italian chestnut honey - 300g


Organic Italian chestnut honey

Methods of conservation

Store in a dry cool place, away from light.

Place of production

Produced in the plant of: Via idice 299 Monterenzio (BO) - Italia

It is our commitment to keep updated all the legal information, but it is possibile to find some differences with the sold products.

Average nutrition declaration per 100 grams

  • energy: 1408kJ/331kcal
  • fat: 0g of which saturates: 0g
  • carbohydrate: 83g of which sugars: 83g
  • protein: 0g
  • salt: 0g


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