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Organic black tea - 20 tea bags

35 g

Alce Nero organic tea is grown in the highest areas of the Nilgiri Plateau, in south India, and the famous Darjeeling region found at the foot of the Himalayas, where the expert hands of Unitea workers carefully grow and harvest the buds and young leaves from the tea plant, the Camellia Sinensis. It is mostly women that work in these plantations and they benefit from the increased community services that are guaranteed by selling to Fairtrade companies. Black tea contains alkaloids, natural plant substances, one of which is theine, a substance which is similar to caffeine but which has a lesser and more gradual effect. Black tea takes its name from the way in which it is processed, whereby it undergoes rolling to accelerate enzymatic oxidation, breaking the membranes of the leaves and turning them brown.

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35 g

Legal name

Organic black tea - 20 tea bags


Black tea°*. ° = from organic farming, * = Fairtrade product.

Methods of conservation

Store in a dry place

Place of production

Produced in the plant of: Via fondo alla grotta, 26 Luciana Fauglia (PI) - Italia

It is our commitment to keep updated all the legal information, but it is possibile to find some differences with the sold products.

Average nutrition declaration per 100 grams

  • protein: 0g


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