Narrative labels

We have always strived to communicate clearly and transparently, even on the labels of our organic products. We do this so that you get the right information concerning the quality, wholesomeness and traceability of the products that you eat, and so that you can make conscious buying choices in turn.

That is why we have adopted Slow Food’s“narrative label” project, and why we are committed to developing and disseminating it together with them by applying this transparent labelling practise to a few of our products.

In reality, food labels often leave many of our questions unanswered, even when completely in compliance with the law. These queries can include such things as the quality of the raw ingredients, the type of agriculture used and the actual nutritional value of the ingredients. Currently there are very few labels that provide you with all the relevant information, and often the person reading the label does not have the tools to understand it.

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