The taste for doing things together

We have always said that food represents a relationship - between the producer and consumer first and foremost. And it is within this relationship that we place our primary focus, yet it is not the only one. We believe that the reason why these projects come to fruition and why things can be changed is all due to the word together, and that with us we can make all the difference. It is here in this section that we will introduce you to those who are promoting change - together with us. Here we will tell you about the current and future challenges that we believe in.

Libera Terra

Fair products grow from land seized from the Mafia.

People who understand that there are others in nature, discover their sense for what is right within their desire to coexist and cohabitate.Lucio Cavazzoni, I semi di mille rivoluzioni

Tierra Virgen

From coca leaf growers to farmers: a short film telling the story of redemption.


Building the right relationship together.

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