Palm oil free

We have decided to remove palm oil from all our products

We have always worked to guarantee organic products without compromising on the ingredients, the choice of raw materials and the processing techniques, which are always delicate.

In 2004 we were the first to decide to make our biscuits using only organic extra-virgin olive oil, excluding palm oil, which – due to its processing characteristics, flavourless taste and price – is the most widely used alternative to olive oil and other unsaturated oils. In fact, not only does palm oil help the production process, but it also lowers the cost of the finished product.

Today, after many years of investment into research and testing and after developing a new recipe for our palm oil free organic vegetable stock cube, we can finally announce that we are completely PALM OIL FREE.

We made this choice for mankind and the environment, and we are aiming to be the first company to promote a Palm Oil Free food culture.

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