Alce Nero Berberè

Alce Nero Berberè is a restaurant, pizzeria and shop that combines the creativity and success of the Berberè restaurant with Alce Nero’s 35 years of artisanal, organic healthy foods.

At the foundation of the partnership between Alce Nero and Berberè is a common food philosophy: organic as a way of interacting with the land; the promotion of healthy nutritionally balanced foods; experiments in the intersection of popularity and haut cuisine. The common thread remains the search for the pleasure of food, and taste as experience.

Alce Nero Berberè offers a revolutionary “slow” approach to pizza, and the inventive recipes of Berberè created using a selection of Alce Nero ingredients, cultivated by farmers in the most fertile parts of Italy and the world, as well as other products of organic craftsmanship.

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